Recap of Industry Season 2 Episode 8; [Season Finale] Ending Explained

Recap of Industry Season 2 Episode 8; [Season Finale] Ending Explained ...

Harper crossed a highly unlawful line under pressure to maintain the business of bigwig Jesse Bloom. Oh, and there were a couple of firings as the season came to a close, one of which was shocking.

Recap of Season 2 Episode 8 of "Industry"

When Harper asks for directions from Harper, Eric, Rishi, and Danny enter a pitch meeting. Harper refuses to return to New York because he doesn't seem to be too enthused about it.

Harper retaliates to question Gus about his knowledge of the NHS relationships. FastAid is the underdog in Jesse's wager. She needs to give him any advantage she can because he is short. She wonders whether Aurore is interested in Rican. Gus, who is so weary, loses his temper and shouts, "Amazon is being permitted to acquire FastAide, which effectively secures them the NHS contracts."

As the loss begins to sink in, Eric texts Harper to buy as many Rican shares as she can. When the CNN hosts ask him why he's so urgent with Harper for the whole time, she replies with a genuine, displeasured naivete.

Harper falls to the ground and convinces Rishi to buy as many Rican shares as he can. Both are involved in Harper's plot to shift banks, which helps because they are more likely to do harm than help her in this Bloom transaction. Jesse refuses to give up now, or she will give up on her professional advancement if she chooses.

Harper realizes she is in danger and tells Eric that she didn't know about the anti-competition investigation at all. He believes that she's done it for the purpose of the leak. Gus is later hired as Jesse's assistant after Jesse asks whether or not he's requesting anything from him. After Jesse asks whether or not she is promoting her own "loyalty," Eric and Harper ridicule Nicole's sexual assaults.

Yasmin cosplays as an adult and tells Celeste that she doesn't want to work with her dad. Celeste responds with a tearful sigh. Yasmin accuses him of grooming Teresa (her old nanny, Maxim's cousin), and her father reminds her that everything she has is because of him, including her apartment and employment. Yasmin refuses to wear her father's locks when she returns home. She visits Rob's house.

Yasmin wears two-day-old clothes to Rishi's wedding and sits next to Harper. The women exchange their first heart-to-heart stories. After Venetia has left, she insists on paying the bill but then has dinner and goes fast. Yasmin has no personal funds. Her paychecks have always gone directly into his bank account.

The tiny bag of powder falls in front of an officer, who then warns Rob of his employment. Nicole scoffs at him for belonging to the generation that responds excessively to someone getting a "bit handsy." But it's unclear whether his arrest will impact on his employment.

Harper returns to work. Rishi escaped from her attempts to put him under the bus. Eric asks Harper to meet him upstairs, and everything seems to be fine. They enter a nondescript, dimly lit room from the elevator. Harper senses something is wrong and asks Eric not to tell her about Jesse's insider trading. Not quite. Pierpoint HR claims she violated the company's integrity policy.

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