Tank Company, a 15v15 tank battle mobile game, has been released by NetEase

Tank Company, a 15v15 tank battle mobile game, has been released by NetEase ...

Tank Company, the new 15v15 tank battle game that is now available on Android devices, is getting a soft launch from NetEase Games. Tank Company involves large-scale real-time battles on historical maps, featuring realistic tanks and weaponry, as teams of players outmanoeuvre each other on the battlefield and strive to defeat their opponents.

Tank Company is a massively multiplayer online tank shooter that allows players to choose from over a hundred tanks that are inspired by real vehicles used during World War II and the Cold War. In future updates, the game plans to add even more tanks from different countries to its roster.

Light tanks, medium tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled artillery are among the five available tank types for hire in combat. These include quick tanks that can spot enemy fire and spot enemy targets, as well as heavy machines with thick armor that can protect their teammates from harm. In Tank Company, the tanks can play many roles, including support units and long-range snipers, allowing for all kinds of team strategies that may be employed in combat.

Tank Company will have a large number of opponents at once, but they must not limit themselves to enemy vehicles. Some maps span over 1 million square meters, and some depict locations where some of history's most famous battles took place. These include scorching deserts, snow-covered villages, and abandoned factories, each offering their own challenges when it comes to controlling the battlefield.

Tank Company has a progression system, where players begin with a basic Tier 1 tank and advance through the ranks, culminating in a powerful Tier VIII tank, which has the greatest stats and weapons in the game. There are also other gameplay modes, such as a "Hide and Seek" mode where stealth is the key, and a "Low Gravity" mode which allows players to create their own tank platoons and win the game.

Tank Company's visuals and attention to detail are among the best. These include the tanks and their weaponry, as well as huge landscapes, which have realistic lighting and shadow effects, even on mobile devices. We intend to improve the game's performance over time in order to make the battles more enjoyable for players.

New players who join Tank Company for the first time will be eligible to receive rewards from the successful pre-registration process that took place before the game was released. From 15 September 2022, you will be eligible to receive a special Pre-launch Avatar, Premium Account (1 Day), 100, 000 Silver Coins, 5,000 Global EXP, and 10 Controllable EXP Bonus (X3) items.

Tank Company has already been a hit with players who played the game during its open beta test, allowing them to contribute to its current form. Players from around the world have been invited to take the wheel and earn glory on the battlefield. Available now on the Google Play Store and AppGallery.

Visit: Tank Company to learn more.

  • Official Website – https://www.tankcompany.game/
  • Google Play – https://h67na.onelink.me/ft2j/gomf4bs4
  • Discord – https://discord.gg/tankcompany
  • Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Tank-Company-109658091391994/
  • YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/TankCompanyOfficial

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