Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco shine in Meet Cute (2022)

Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco shine in Meet Cute (2022) ...

This review of the Peacock film Meet Cute (2022) does not contain spoilers.

Sheila (Kaley Cuoco) and Gary (Pete Davidson) have an unpleasant beginning until Sheila declares she is from the future, and this date is what she keeps returning to as she remembers it as the best day of her life.

Sheila continues to come back to this scene because something is keeping her from continuing on to the next day. The beautiful music mixed with some of the two couples' conversations on their date gave the film a heart.

Noga Pnueli's Meet Cute is an exceptional story about Sheila's desire for a better life, but also her desire to continue making this one night as perfect as ever. Kaley Cuoco does a remarkable job of showing the emotional damage she constantly causes herself by repeating the same day.

Sheila isn't just hurting herself by entangling herself in this revolving door of days, she's also hurting Gary, who is emotionally locked in this moment. Pete Davidson is attempting to do something that he has never done as an actor before.

Meet Cute isn't a major overhaul of the rom-com, but it is a worthwhile addition. Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco have surprisingly good chemistry in roles that are against their style for them as actors. It's super predictable at times, but it's cute, and that's all you can ask for from a film like this.

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