Season 1, episode 5 of Tell Me Lies recap Merry F*cking Christmas

Season 1, episode 5 of Tell Me Lies recap Merry F*cking Christmas ...

This Hulu series Tell Me Lies, season 1, episode 5, titled "Merry F*cking Christmas", has spoilers.

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Based on the episode's title, it's probable that the episode will take place during the Christmas holiday. However, what exactly will happen? Will Lucy and Stephen spend the holidays together? Or will absence make the pair's hearts stronger?

Season 1, episode 5 of Tell Me Lies: A recap

Lucy returns home to see his mother, who is suffering with a migraine, but she refuses to allow him to visit him. When James arrives home, she realizes that she has a role in the writing scheme.

Stephen enters a heated argument with his mother over whether or not a flower shop worker is attractive. Later, the family goes to dinner with their mother, who refuses to leave. Shortly after, Stephen's Dad announces that she has to stop eating there. He quickly withdraws from his pregnant partner, and it soon becomes clear that his mother intended to leave the meal.

The last sentence

Lucy calls Stephen, and they both bond over their f*cked-up families. Stephen cancels his plans to see Lucy. Moments later, Lucy booty calls Max. As Lucy and Ma hang out, Diana arrives at Stephen's house unannounced. However, Lucy does not want to label her.

Lucy punches Rob for her. Towards the end of the show, Lucy's mom reminds her that she never wonders if people think "if she is sad enough." Stephen tells his Dad that he needs to hand his sister a letter so she may go to college.

The episode ended with a bit of a low-key ending, but that pretty much sums up the show. Overall, it's a very good episode!

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