Season 5, episode 3 of The Handmaids Tale Recap Border

Season 5, episode 3 of The Handmaids Tale Recap Border ...

The Handmaid's Tale Season 5, Episode 3, "Border," has spoilers in this recap. Some plot points are still under embargo and will be updated later today.

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Serena retaliated the only way she knew how, hitting June where it hurt. She used Fred's burial to spread the Gilead way of living to the whole world, and emblazoned Hannah's face across all media in the process. While Serena wants to remain relevant in the country she helped form, June has yet to see the light of her own.

The Handmaid's Tale season 5, episode 3 recap

Serena ruined all that progress. June is now obsessed with her daughter and is so awed she can't help her rescue her from that tumultuous land. Moira returns home as soon as she hears the news and with Luke they try to help June. Moira mentions a group of women near the border who might assist her in making contact. June is irritated Moira didn't tell her sooner.

Lily, an ex-Martha who coordinated Fred's departure last season, stands in admiration of June Osborne and directs them to the hidden base. It's a dangerous life on the edge of no man's land, and the women there carry guns for protection.

Serena is already back in Gilead's borders after June tries to infiltrate the town. They have since renamed Hannah Agnes MacKenzie, while avoiding any information about June, her real mother. They are attempting to continue the conversation while Nick and Rose are also present.

Serena contemplates her options, pledging to stay in Gilead for the rest of her life. Commander Joseph Lawrence isn't interested in this suggestion at one point, and refuses to accept her subtle proposal before a meeting with the High Commanders. Here, Serena's destiny has already been decided for her. She requests for her own staff, a large budget, and adequate protection going forward.

The final chapter

June's plans fail to fulfill their purpose. Whilst staying at the border, she notices the strains of war. She eventually gets a phone call with Nick, but it isn't that helpful. Hannah asks why she was dressed in purple. It's likely that Hannah will be trained to become a future wife.

Serena receives an awful update from Nick and declares that she is returning to Canada. June locks her car shut before her nemesis returns to her detention center suite, threatening to assault Hannah. Their long-distance feud continues.

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