Area 120, a new victim of Google's cuts, is a fertile incubator of ideas

Area 120, a new victim of Google's cuts, is a fertile incubator of ideas ...

Google's main objective is to cut costs. In fact, the company's CEO, Sundar Pichai, declared that the company's productivity "wasn't where it should be." Among the first affected were Google Hardware, the division of laptops, and the total elimination of what was left of Project Loon, a balloon initiative to provide internet in rural areas that was a complete failure.

The Google Area 120 ideas incubator was established in 2016. Employees could choose to dedicate time to the creation of personal projects in order to be able to express the most interesting. Even Google may formalize them and offer them to its users.

Any employee in Area 120 may submit a project that meets a series of requirements. He had up to two years to execute it and make it work. It's a good way to maximize the potential and creativity of the company's employees, which, right now, will be reduced dramatically.

Checks is a web application that assists developers in identifying privacy concerns, displaying information in clear language, and linking to relevant resources. It takes the data from Google Play and is able to verify that your application is compliant with EU, US, Brazil, and Google Play policies.

Checks reviews the SDKs included in the application, as well as other data, to make sure that they do not alter the functionality or data collection policies. The three main areas that are studied by Checks are: data use, permissions, and privacy policy.

According to Bloomberg, Area 120 is in financial difficulties, which has resulted in Google to reduce its funding allocation. Qaya stands out among the 14 projects that were approved, which have been reduced to seven.

The problem for these Google workers who have seen how their projects have been canceled has remained constant. They have been given a deadline of January 2023 to discover new functions within Google, or they will be directly fired.

The script change regarding Area 120, according to Google sources, "is an internal incubator for new experimental products." "The group regularly starts and stops projects with the aim of looking for the most promising opportunities, (...) we recently shared that Area 120 will concentrate on projects that build on Google's extensive investment in AI and have the potential to resolve major user issues."

Area 120 was reorganized a year ago when it was absorbed by the newly created Google Labs division. The Labs division is focused on Google's AR and VR work, and even has a blockchain project. As part of this cost-cutting strategy, it is not ruled out that some of Google's other experimental work might be phased out. Which might leave it without new and interesting surprises for its users.

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