Is Sheila Died at the Cute Ending?

Is Sheila Died at the Cute Ending? ...

'Meet Cute' is a romantic comedy about Sheila, who has decided to continue to date Gary after her first date. Using a time machine, she goes back into the past by twenty-four hours and lives a different version of the date each day. As the layers of her past and her motivation to stay stuck on the same day emerge, the darker side of Sheila's story comes out. Here's what it means for her.

Meet the Cute Plot Synopsis

Sheila begins her date with Gary in a bar. She offers to buy him a drink, and he notices something strange about her. Sheila knows what he likes and sometimes, knows exactly what she will say at the end of the date. Sheila promises to see him again. The next day, in the same pub, on the same day, she meets Gary for the first time.

Does Sheila Die at the End of the Cute?

Sheila chooses to stay in the same place for weeks that turn into months in 'Meet Cute.' Their anniversary comes on the same day, but why does she do it? Why does she have to go beyond that day?

Sheila tells Gary that before she got in the time machine and met him, she had decided to end her life. She entered the nail salon wanting to get her nails done, but then she planned to jump off a bridge into the cold water for what she considered to be an easier death. However, the time machine offered her another chance. In her first encounter, she met Gary, who she thought was the better option.

Sheila is clearly depressed from everything that she sees in the film. Gary discovers this when he visits her in the past. Sheila's father had been an alcoholic, and this left a mark on her. She also discovered that her marriage ended when her husband decided to call quits on their relationship.

Sheila decided it was better if she stayed in her one-perfect-day relationship with Gary rather than move forward and risk losing him completely. Sheila decides that her only option is to stick to her original plan and die.

Gary shows up when she is about to give the next day a chance and see how things go from there. He assures Sheila that he has seen the future (even though it's more of a hope) and that no matter what she does, she'll always be in it. Sheila refuses to jump off the bridge and decides to give the future a second chance.

Do Sheila and Gary Meet Up?

Sheila wanted to spend the next day with Gary. She was afraid that her time with Gary would run its course eventually, and their relationship would thaw. Yet the fact that the relationship continues to run its course, even when time does not move forward, illustrates her that it isn't worthwhile to repeat the same day over and over again.

Gary's previous memories of their first meeting are wiped out with every loop. He meets Sheila for the first time every single time, yet after spending more than a year with her, certain things start to stick. Not only that, but his feelings about her also begin to settle in. On their first first date, he tells her that he's had mixed feelings about her. He believes she's having the best time of his life, but she believes this.

Gary decides to investigate the time machine and discovers that Sheila hadn't been joking about it. He wants to move on to tomorrow, no matter what it is, so he returns to her past to fix whatever issue caused her to have this bleak outlook on life. Things don't go as planned, especially when he lands too far back in Sheila's past and meets her young version, which he can't help but believe.

He meets Sheila on the bridge where she is prepared to go. He encourages her to give another day a chance, and she accepts it. In the end, they walk into tomorrow hand in hand, demonstrating that they are willing to accept things as they come. Maybe they will stay together, or maybe they will not.

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