Miami Design: Where is the Cast Now?

Miami Design: Where is the Cast Now? ...

'Designing Miami' is a new design reality show centered around Ray and Eilyn Jimenez, both of whom are happily married, but they prefer to run different companies and are each other's competitors in the professional field. In fact, they often bid on the same project simultaneously and go head to head in their quest to establish themselves as the best.

'Designing Miami' takes us on a tour of their respective agencies and familiarizes us with the people who work under them. Moreover, we saw how two of his best employees left in the middle of the season. Let's investigate where the cast of 'Designing Miami' is right now.

What Has Happened to Eilyn Jimenez?

Eilyn is portrayed as the more established of the two, since her interior design agency, Sire Designs, was already well-known in Miami. Moreover, the reality star maintains a three-bedroom house with her husband, Ray. Moreover, she and her husband are also renovating their own house in Miami Shores.

What Has Happened to Ray Jimenez?

Although Ray Jimenez had already established his interior design business at the time of filming, he was still fumbling to get it up and running. The program also highlighted how Ray had to share two of his best employees with his ex-business partner's firm.

Ray and Eilyn have since established their own company, Raymond Nicolas, which has at least two designers and a design assistant working under them. Despite their differences, Ray's agency is also well-known in Miami. Even Ray's Instagram is full of sweet snaps of them together, we think they are on track to be successful in the long run.

Valentina Leon: Where Has She Been?

Valentina was working as a designer under Eilyn Jimenez at the time of filming. She has since been promoted to the position of Eilyn's right-hand woman at Sire Designs. Valentina is a well-known lifestyle blogger in Miami. Florida, and is engaged to Carlos Paez in July 2021.

What Has Happened to Karina Perlaza?

Karina Perlaza, another interior designer working under Eilyn Jimenez, appeared to be on wonderful terms with her colleagues. She currently lives in Miami and works for Sire Designs as a lead interior designer. She seems to be an avid traveler and is enjoying her time with family and friends.

What Has Happened to Camila Nunez?

Camila Nunez, the youngest member of Sire Designs, was very eager to learn from Eilyn herself. She currently lives in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale region and is focused on taking her career to new heights.

Andrea Ritter: Where is she now?

Andrea was working as an architectural drafter for Eilyn Jimenez at the time of filming. She has since been promoted and is currently employed by Sire Designs as a project coordinator as well as an architectural drafter. As of the moment, she lives in Miami, Florida.

What Has Happened to Steven?

Steven was unable to leave Ray when he decided to form Raymond Nicolas. This made his work unnecessarily difficult, hence in episode 3, Steven decided to work for Ray's ex-business partner full-time.

What Has Happened to Ori Evshara?

Ori was working at Raymond Nicolas as an architectural designer and shared the same fate as steven. She was also employed by Ray's former business partner and had to share her time between the two agencies. Thus, she followed suit. Although Ori prefers to keep most of her personal life under wraps, she continues to work for Ray's ex-business partner.

What Has Happened to David?

Steven and Ori decided to leave Raymond Nicolas and Ray was forced to find new talent. David impressed the reality star with his interior design abilities, and Ray offered him a job at his agency. Thus, David still lives in Miami and works at Raymond Nicolas as an interior designer.

What Has Happened to Paola Fonseca?

Paola was offered a position at Ray's company in September 2021, but she resigned in May 2022, while living in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.

What Has Happened to Antonio?

Antonio was soon hired as a design assistant to help Ray Jimenez deal with the work pressure on his own. Antonio is somewhat private about his personal life and hasn't talked much about it in public. However, he continues to work for Raymond Nicolas.

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