Valentina Leon of Designing Miami: Everything We Know

Valentina Leon of Designing Miami: Everything We Know ...

'Designing Miami' is a new streaming reality show about Eilyn and Ray Jimenez as they run their respective design firms based in Miami. They are each other's competitors in the public eye, and the show authentically documents how both agencies operate.

Valentina Leon's Background

Valentina grew up in a loving and close-knit family, which helped her form a lasting connection with her closest relatives. From the looks of it, she grew up alongside a few siblings and has remained in touch with them till this day. In fact, she regularly posts about her niece on social media.

Valentina holds her parents accountable for the success she has achieved, and said that they encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Moreover, her mother always encouraged her to follow her passion for fashion and design at a young age while playing with her mother's shoes, makeup, and accessories.

Valentina hasn't talked much about her education, although once she realized her passion for fashion and design, the reality star was determined to make a living. Thus, encouraged by her family and friends, she began fashion blogging in 2017 and soon earned much-deserved fame.

Valentina stated in a 2018 interview with Voyage MIA that she "loves showing my style and my way of dressing so that people who follow me will be inspired to try new styles and, above all, to be themselves."

Valentina Leon's Profession

Valentina began her fashion blog in 2017 in an effort to connect with the world. She went viral, and her blog was soon popular, and she shared her thoughts and ideas with thousands of people every day. She said, "For me, it is more than anything a platform to express and externalize what I really love that is fashion, as well as a platform to show my lifestyle and projects."

Valentina faced many challenges during her first days at Sire Designs, but she remained true to her style and got recognized in the end. She states that Sire Designs took on small projects when she first joined, but gradually progressed to million-dollar contracts. Eilyn has since promoted her to the position of Lead Interior Designer.

Valentina Leon's Husband

Valentina married her long-time boyfriend, Carlos Paez, in July 2021, and they appear to be very much in love. Although Carlos prefers to keep his life under wraps, Valentina loves expressing her love for him on social media.

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