Border: The Handmaids Tale season 5, episode 3 recap

Border: The Handmaids Tale season 5, episode 3 recap ...

The Handmaid's Tale season 5, episode 3, "Border," has spoilers in this recap. Some plot points are still under embargo, and will be updated later today.

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Serena retaliated in the only way she knew how, hitting June where it hurt the most. She spread the Gilead way of life across the world and plastered Hannah's face across all the media in the process. While Serena intends to remain relevant in the nation she helped form.

Season 5, episode 3 of The Handmaid's Tale Recap

Serena ruined all that progress and left June frustrated that she could not help her find her in that tumultuous land. Moira returns home as soon as she hears the news and with Luke they try to comfort June. Moira mentions a group of women along the border who might assist her in making contact. June is irritated Moira didn't tell her sooner than she wanted to.

Lily, an ex-Martha from the outpost, leads June to the hidden base, demonstrating that what she did was truly extraordinary. It's a dangerous life on the edge of no man's land, and the women there carry firearms for protection.

Serena is already back in Gilead's borders after June's 'legal' father-in-law. They have since renamed Hannah Agnes MacKenzie, while concealing June, her true mother, from the public eye. Nick and his wife Rose are also in attendance at the meeting. They fear for their safety due to June's murderous behavior and want her dead at all costs.

Serena considers her options, determined to stay in Gilead for the rest of her life. Commander Joseph Lawrence seems to be against this possibility and withdraws her subtle offer before a meeting with the High Commanders. Here, Serena's destiny has already been decided. She wants her own staff, a large budget, and plenty of protection for the nation.

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June's plans don't go as planned. She is exposed to the dangers of war. The women are sewing messages and items (including arsenic) into clothes ready to kill the criminals back in Gilead. Nick apologizes, saying, "He can't help June anymore." Hannah replies, saying, "She is now ready to be a future wife."

Serena receives an awful email from Nick, promising that she will locate Serena's vehicle before her nemesis returns to her detention facility in time for this ambush. June lashes out on the window of Serena's vehicle, threatening to harm Hannah and demanding that she never touch Hannah again. Their long-distance feud continues.

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