EA is working on a new Iron Man game

EA is working on a new Iron Man game ...

EA has announced that a new game based on the Marvel superhero Iron Man is in the works by EA Motive.

This is the development team that is currently working on the remake of Dead Space.

Olivier Proulx, who previously served as Senior Producer in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy at Eidos Montreal, is the new head of the team.

The game is currently in pre-production, which means it's in a rather early stage of development. However, the game will feature "an original narrative that taps into Iron Man's rich history, channeling Tony Stark's complexity and creative genius," and allowing players to experience what it's like to be Iron Man.

Expect the Motive team to create their own Iron Man that retains the essence of the hero that fans expect, but is unique in its own right, like all of Marvel's recent Spider-Man games, but remains to be seen whether there will be a scene playing that Black Sabbath song for the obvious joke.

Proulx said the company has a fantastic opportunity to come up with a new and unique narrative that we can call our own. "Marvel is energizing us to think differently."

Various EA studios have incorporated some elements that might have led to an Iron Man game in years past. Bioware's Anthem has its flying exosuits, which is the only advantage of that unfortunate critical bombing. And the now-defunct Visceral Studios kept making the Dead Space suits cooler and sleeker in every entry, morphing an engineer work attire into an Iron Man suit.

EA has also teased that this is one of several new games to be developed in partnership with Marvel.

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