What happened to LAPD Officer Brett Goodkin?

What happened to LAPD Officer Brett Goodkin? ...

'The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist' on Netflix is a docuseries that we can only describe as both enthralling and depressing because it focuses on a famous crime spree in the late 2000s, simply because they wanted to live a lavish lifestyle. But for now, we have the information for you.

Brett Goodkin, who is he?

Brett, an experienced officer, was assigned to the Hollywood Homicide unit at the Los Angeles Police Department owing to its high-profile victims. Despite his previous involvement with Nick Prugo's lawyer, he confessed to crimes they didn't know they hadn't committed in the fall of 2009.

Brett joined the cast of 'The Bling Ring,' which was still being investigated at the court level, even though he was earning money (totaling $12,500) and being the prosecution's investigator-in-chief, putting him at odds with his entire credibility. According to the three-part Netflix original production, the State could not proceed to trial because they could only allow some of the accused to face lesser charges and sentenced to even lesser sentences.

What Has Happened to Brett Goodkin?

'You should write a thank you letter to Goodkin,' a judge openly said in court, addressing the lawyers of accused Roy Lopez Jr., Courtney Ames, and Diana Tamayo. 'It's a shame what he did,' Brett was then formally accused of failing to receive a proper permit to be an active participant in Sofia's film, and for compromising the whole case.

Moreover, the detective was a victim of a second LAPD investigation for making inappropriate personal contact with a witness in the case; she claimed that he "kind of started to stalk me." Brett therefore had to appear before the Board of Rights to find out whether or not he would be fired, suspended, disciplinary action, or cleared of any wrongdoing in these matters.

Brett appeared to have left the Los Angeles Police Department in 2014, but moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, where he continues to live alongside his big, loving family to this day.

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