What Has Happened to Alexis Neiers' mother, Andrea Arlington?

What Has Happened to Alexis Neiers' mother, Andrea Arlington? ...

'The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist,' a documentary series examining famous teenagers who robbed celebrities' homes in the late 2000s, is simply compelling. That's because this Miles Blayden-Ryall original utilizes not only first-hand accounts, but also archive footage of everybody involved in the story to get to the core of everything. Among them is Andrea Arlington, who now has all of the necessary information.

Andrea Arlington, who is she?

Andrea walked into the entertainment business as a teenager, only to specialize in lingerie modeling by the time she turned 16 on the soap opera "Focused." She eventually became an actress by taking on "some sexy roles" on television sitcoms. Despite their two daughters, the couple decided to break up.

Andrea landed a few little jobs in the following years, but they just weren't enough to sustain the lifestyle she'd so diligently nurtured and tried to maintain for herself through any means necessary. “We were spending money that we didn't have,” she admitted in the Netflix production. “We ended up filing for bankruptcy.”) She then decided to try becoming a minister under the Religious Science (or New Thought ideology) movement.

Andrea integrated her belief system into her domestic life, yet her "controlling," "shaming," and borderline "narcissistic" treatment of her children did not differ from the original, although she was unaware that she shared more harmful behavior while filming their family-based reality show 'Pretty Wild.' The former actress admitted she knew her daughter (implicated as a Bling Ring member) was using drugs.

What Has Happened to Andrea Arlington?

Andrea was inspired to seek change shortly after realizing she didn't have a clear, loving connection with her daughters. She thus began her journey towards true self-recovery, self-acceptance, and self-love that has gone above and beyond.

Alexis recently said, "We've come a long way." She has since become a Religious Science & Spirituality Minister, a Certified ICF Life Coach, a Family Recovery Coach, and a Daring Way Facilitator. She also received a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies from the Emerson Theological Institute recently.

Andrea is a public speaker, an online course curator (running the Life Reset Course with Alexis to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves), and an author. She is currently working on her memoir 'Revelations of a Bad Mom: A Journey of Loving Your Child into Recovery and Healing Your Family.'

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