With its new Bare Metal server lineup, OVHcloud enhances your journey to the cloud

With its new Bare Metal server lineup, OVHcloud enhances your journey to the cloud ...

OVHCloud has just announced that it is expanding its selection of dedicated servers with new capabilities that optimize both computing power and storage capacity. As the company explains in a press release, OVHcloud ensures that businesses can upgrade their infrastructure to address their most critical data concerns.

The Bare Metal Advance-6 and Scale-7 servers are the first to integrate AMD and Intel data center processors and benefit from their technological advancement.

  • The new Bare Metal Scale-7 servers, powered by AMD EPYC 64-core (Zen 3) processors, are ideal for the most intensive workloads, especially in high-performance computing or virtualization and containerization environments.
  • Bare Metal Advance-6 servers are distinguished by their 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel SGX technology. This technology addresses the specific challenges of confidential computing for use cases such as federated learning, notably present in the healthcare sector. Here, the confidentiality of the data is not only vital, but is preserved during the training phases.

The HGR-STOR-2, a revolutionary data storage and archive solution, has capacity up to 1.4 petabytes (1400 terabytes) and optional SSD drives, providing low-latency data access.

The HGR-STOR-2, designed for large corporations, allows for the creation of a fully configurable data lake. It also allows for a very high-speed private connection (100 Gb/s guaranteed) to be integrated into a cluster or with other OVHcloud products and services. Customers benefit from excellent responsiveness to their most specific storage needs, from file archiving to large database backup.

On the other hand, OVHcloud's new Bare Metal offer inherits all of the advantages of dedicated servers in terms of flexibility, control, performance, and availability, as well as unlimited bandwidth. In this way, OVHcloud provides companies with the best possible support for their workloads, environments, and ad-hoc technologies while guaranteeing predictable prices.

OVHcloud is attempting to market its new range of dedicated servers, as well as VMware's free course "Your journey to the cloud starts here," in which the company explains in four short videos what it means to move virtualized workloads to the cloud, how you can do it with vmware, and why it is the finest infrastructure to do it.

In the first of the videos, you'll learn how to transition from on-premises data center virtualization to cloud virtualization and what you can expect to gain in this new environment.

In the second part, we'll talk about the difference between moving and extending our data centers to the cloud, what you can expect from different providers, and why VMware might be the best option for this journey.

In the third episode of this course, we will describe what you can find in a basic OVHcloud hosted private cloud plan and what tools it uses to ensure the continuity of your business. We will also discuss technologies such as vSphere, vMotion, and Fault Tolerance. Finally, in the last episode of this course, we will discuss how your company can benefit from this special configuration.

In a simple and quick manner, we offer a completely free course to you that will clarify your main doubts about your next cloud migration. Do you want to try it? Fill out your application now!

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