A New Smartwatch from OnePlus has been teased

A New Smartwatch from OnePlus has been teased ...

Since its initial introduction a couple of years back, OnePlus' "Nord" device line has certainly expanded to include more hardware options. As such, a new product with the Nord branding is on its way to the market, this time in the form of a wearable.

The OnePlus Nord Watch is expected to be unveiled in all its glory in small bits and pieces in the coming days, at least according to the company's Indian website. This time, though, OnePlus has gone for a more square design, rather than the round appearance of the first-generation OnePlus Watch.

The OnePlus wearable debut was met with mixed reviews – while the device itself had a good build and long battery life, its onboard operating system, as well as a few missing features, made it unjustifiable in a market where competing devices from Fitbit and Xiaomi were available, all with more intelligent features and better performance to boot.

OnePlus enthusiasts who are looking for a wearable replacement should keep their eyes peeled for the upcoming Nord Watch.

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