Recap and Ending of Overlord Season 4 Episode 12

Recap and Ending of Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 ...

Aainz has a brief meeting with his loyal servants as he devises a strategy to defeat Riku Aganeia, better known as the Sorcerer Kingdom's vaision in the twelfth season of 'Overlord,' which concludes the season 4 episode 12. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Recap of Season 4 of Overlord Episode 12

Aainz reports that Pandora's Actor bowed in front of Riku Aganeia to halt the fighting. Albedo feels uncomfortable, but Aainz insists that it does not bother him as long as the trick manages to break the enemies' guard down.

In fact, he advises his men that it would be better for them to accept another defeat in the long run in order to get more information on Riku. He wants to ensure that when he meets Blue Rose, things do not go as planned.

After taking a sip, Lakyus feels dissatisfied. The Blue Rose members turn on their leader and start attacking her left and right. They manage to cast charm magic on her before teleporting her to a different location far away from the Royal City. Brain Unglaus meets Princess Renner shortly afterward and hands Lord Stronoff's sword before going out to fight Aainz's army completely.

Season 4 Episode 12 of Overlord: How Do Aura and Cocytus Commence the Invasion of the Kingdom's Royal Capital?What Are Their Plans?

While the nobles and civilians left in the Royal Capital are concerned about their lives, the invasion begins as everyone anticipated. A few soldiers guarding the city walls are surprised to see Aura with a few hungry monsters approaching the city. He manages to jump over the city wall easily and begins observing the city with a map in his hand. The soldiers there are confused as he barely pays any attention to them.

Aura finally manages to find the magicians' guild and decides to go in that direction. Along with his group of Frost Virgins, Cocytus has also arrived in the Royal City. It appears that he has just been sent by Aainz to observe the city for the time being. They rarely exhibit any intent of attack, except when pushed.

Is Brain Unglaus still alive?

Brain Unglaus was one of the few people who wanted to go straight to Aainz's once busy streets in search of his comrades. He even considered hiding in one of the empty houses in order to confront the ruler of the Sorcerer Kingdom directly.

Brain quickly discovered that most of the properties were not demolished as a lot of civilians could not escape. This was a bad news since Brain was certain that Aainz's undead army would kill no one. Unfortunately, his fears turned out to be reality sooner than planned when he saw Cocytus walking toward him with Frost Virgins.

Brain's actions were not without risk. Cocytus casually pulled out the God Slaying Emperor Blade in his attempt, but the confrontation lasted only a few seconds, and Cocytus managed to save Brains' body with just one swing of his sword.

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