Rina Trenholm is no longer alive? Did Kathleen Munroe leave the FBI?

Rina Trenholm is no longer alive? Did Kathleen Munroe leave the FBI? ...

Rina Trenholm, played by Kathleen Munroe, is a key figure in the CBS crime drama 'FBI,' created by Dick Wolf and Craig Turk. After returning to the United States, Rina completed a Master's degree in Forensic Psychology from George Washington University. She then joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Newark branch, where she later worked as the Assistant Director in Charge.

Is Rina Trenholm still alive?

Rina Trenholm has died in 'FBI.' In season 4 episode 9, titled 'Unfinished Business,' Rina is shot on the orders of Antonio Vargas, the leader of the Durango Cartel, while traveling to work with Jubal Valentine. The team realizes that the drug lord has decided to eliminate everyone and races against time to prevent that. In episode 11, titled 'Grief,' Jubal, who had a relationship with Rina, visits the hospital to find her bed

After speaking to the hospital's medical staff, Jubal mentioned that Rina's doctor had said to him that the decision would not take place until the end of the week. Jubal then spoke to Rina's mother, who told him that she and Rina's father both believed that this was what their daughter desired.

Kathleen Munroe left the FBI?

Kathleen Munroe left 'FBI.' In a TVLine interview, showrunner Rick Eid confirmed Rina's death. The entire episode takes place off-screen, but the way the narrative is set in that episode, there is little doubt about it. Eid even said, "She's [Rina] not coming back; she is in fact dead."

Munroe has been cast in yet another law enforcement role since her departure from the 'FBI.' In the upcoming Apple+ crime drama series 'City on Fire,' she will play Detective PJ McFadden, inspired by Garth Risk Hallberg's 2015 nameake novel.

Munroe was the subject of a short film 'Cattails,' which premiered at the 2022 Inside Out Toronto LGBT Festival, which ran from May 26, 2022 to June 5, 2022. The script for this film has been reportedly chosen for the Cannes Screenplay List.

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