Season 1, episode 8 recap of Once Upon a Small Town, bolstering drama

Season 1, episode 8 recap of Once Upon a Small Town, bolstering drama ...

Once Upon a Small Town season 1, episode 8 on Netflix, has spoilers.

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Once Upon a Small Town goes back to work on its main characters in episode eight, but this time with a minor twist. At a time when Ji-yul appeared to be on the verge of finally expressing his feelings for Ja-young, there's still a bit of intrigue in the mix, particularly concerning what might happen next.

Season 1, episode 8 of Once Upon a Small Town: A recap

After seeing Ja-young recall the days before, which saw her lend a bike to Ji-yul, who expressed his joy in meeting with the police chief, we travel to work. Here, he hears what Mal-geum had said about his pal during the heated debate over who would host the national singing competition. This then leads to Ji-yul's testing his mental toughness, as he is required to examine a dog belonging to the village representative he is now upset with.

Ji-yul is hesitant to travel to Gupyeong to check up on the sick dog because he believes she is worried about it happening where he is supposed to be. He also wonders whether Ja-young is unkind, since she always offends Mal-geum and refuses to accept kindness when she wants something. However, the police officer soon leaves her acquaintance with no choice, agreeing to travel to Gupyeong to treat the dog.

Ja-young dismisses Mal-geum's negative qualities, instead focusing on the fact that she is ultimately not a bad person. Quite humorously, the tone soon changes, with the pair lightly discussing how they should interact with each other now that their age difference has been restored.

When Ji-yul notices the flat tire on his truck, the two friends face a 90-minute wait for a replacement, which allows the pair to enjoy a break from their busy schedule.

When the two return to the village, they are suddenly cut off by a vehicle, one which we soon discover belongs to a woman who claims to have travelled to the remote destination because she misses Ji-yul. Awkwardly, Ja-young decides to leave the two alone to talk. There, Yun-hyeong arrives at Huidong, going over to the vet hospital to the surprise of Yeong-suk, who has no clue who the driver is.

Ji-yul learns how Min wishes for the two to rekindle their friendship, only to be interrupted by the visiting Yun-hyeong. It's the Seoul-based worker's fault Min is here, as he was informed of the vet's ex's location.

Ji-yul is resentful when his pal asks for permission on a stream without a permission, but this is quickly dismissed, as Yun-hyeong wants to know what will be done about his "tenacious" Min. However, such a request falls on deaf ears, as Min vows to stay in the village for a week. She then prepares to leave the hospital for a day.

Ja-young is forced to give up her place for the "bed-and-breakfast guest," who the police officer unfortunately discovers as Min. Hearing the Huidong Women's Association slam Ji-yul's girlfriend, Ja-young is obviously deflated, especially considering that the vet is unable to reveal the truth about the situation amid the chaos.

Sang-hyeon arrives, is instantly dubbed the popular Huidong resident's "soulmate" as it is established that Min has already met Ja-young, thereby adding more tenseness to an already unique situation.

Sang-hyeon meets Ja-young and asks for a girlfriend while the peach farmer smugly mentions how much Min must have missed him, but then admits that Sang-hyeon is without a partner due to his mistake earlier.

Yun-hyeong states that he thinks Ji-yul should re-establish a broken bond with Min, who was the vet's first love. Yet Ji-yeong does not seem to take any of it seriously, despite Yun-hyeong revealing that he was surprised by the prospect of another hugging Min. Then, the vet's guest becomes interested in how old Yeong-suk is.

The conclusion

Ji-yul appears to realize that it's not Min who's on his mind right now, while Ja-young is walking Nurungji with Sang-hyeon, prepared to answer the peach farmer's confession, and Ji-yul brings the episode to a conclusion by looking into Ja-young's eyes, who appears to be eager to express his own thoughts.

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