Now, you can register to vote for Hollywoodlife in the Midterm elections, and it's super easy

Now, you can register to vote for Hollywoodlife in the Midterm elections, and it's super easy ...

On Tuesday, November 8, voters across the country will go to the polls to demonstrate their voices and support democracy in local, state, and federal elections. You may check your voter registration status HERE via When We All Vote, or you can register via Rock The Vote.

There are so many issues that you have a voice on — but only if you vote. A democracy only works if all of us who are citizens exercise the power that we have given to us as citizens, and that is to vote! The right to reproductive healthcare will surely be decided at the ballot box, not only in legislative elections but even at the state and local levels.

One of the most concerning topics on the ballot is the preservation of American democracy. Since the 2020 election, many leaders have worked to protect every U.S. citizen's right to vote, including expanding voting rights to make elections more accessible with early voting, mail voting, and more.

Voting is your right and will have a greater impact on your life, and the country, than tweeting, signing petitions, joining Facebook groups, or marching in the streets. All of these actions may be beneficial, but they will no longer affect laws or policies.

If you haven't already registered to vote, the first step to making your voice heard is to register. Only about 55% of adults vote in presidential elections and less than 40 percent in the midterm elections. But let's be honest — has there ever been a midterm election that has been more crucial?

We have partnered with Rock the Vote and have embedded their Register to Vote module right here, right now. So go ahead and register — easy, peazy. And now you will be registered to vote November 8. Make sure you encourage your family and friends to register too!

Stay tuned to for more information. We'll feature actors talking about the issues that they love the most to help you be as informed as possible before you cast your midterm ballots. Be prepared to have your voice heard!!

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