Is Maxwell The Raven in NCIS Season 20? Explained!

Is Maxwell The Raven in NCIS Season 20? Explained! ...

The first episode of Season 20 of "NCIS" picks up immediately following the dramatic Season 19 conclusion, and things are becoming harder. After being falsely accused of killing his former partner, Knight (Katrina Law), Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), and McGee (Sean Murray), the FBI agents lead FBI agent Sweeney (Erik Passoja) astray.

Parker and Vivian received a covert text saying she would "stop procrastinating" and turn Parker in the following morning at a nearby diner, but Parker overheard the conversation from the restroom. Afterward, Parker approached Kasie to trace Vivian's burner phone.

Then, fornell (Susan Ruttan) directs them to a former prisoner who claims to have no animosity toward Parker but has a responsibility to the term "The Raven." Parker, for example, accuses Vivian of going to a particular cafe where Sweeny is supposed to arrest him; instead, she appears after being called by Vivian to support their cause.

Who is The Raven?

Parker meets with McGee under the guise of a shrink in order to meet with Herman Maxwell, who is sentenced to death by NCIS, who then decides to use him as the Raven's "live bait," arriving in unmarked fans with heavy weapons. Maxwell is still taken away after a shooting on the street, but not until Parker realizes that he was involved in his own kidnapping.

After learning about "Maxwell"'s" (actual name: Jason Hearns) assassination plot outside of the well-attended RIMPAC public gathering, the group's team uncovered their target, who was holding a dead man's switch that would ignite a gas explosion, thanks to hints from the school's resident bomb expert. Bam Bam was attempting to disarm the device. When Maxwell pulled his finger off the switch and nothing happened, he was so surprised.

Maxwell sought retribution because Staggs was the first to trust him and because, following his imprisonment, everything was back to normal in the NCIS universe. Jessica and Jimmy are dating, although Nick teases Jane about it in the episode. Ernie has also developed an affection for her.

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