Every vehicle seat in the Nvidia Drive Concierge receives infotainment

Every vehicle seat in the Nvidia Drive Concierge receives infotainment ...

Nvidia revealed more details about its Concierge for autonomous cars during its GTC conference. More specifically, it outlines Concierge's infotainment capabilities.

The Concierge will include AI-powered convenience and entertainment features for each passenger seat and its occupant, as well as "traditional" cockpit displays. It will be available to all users with the Drive AGX platform, Drive IX software stack, and Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine.

Cloud gaming is now available in your car's backseat, allowing cars to become living spaces, with the same entertainment as at home.

Nvidia Drive Concierge allows passengers to watch videos and experience high-performance gaming wherever they go. Users may choose from their favorite apps and stream videos and games on any screen.

Passengers can access more than 1,400 titles without the need for downloads by using the Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming service, while benefiting from automatic updates and unlimited cloud storage.

The Concierge's capabilities include autonomous driving, digital assistants, and the ability to stream content such as movies or games. According to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, the company wants to make every person's commute to work more enjoyable.

Drive Concierge "automates driver information, cockpit, and infotainment functions" and can host many virtual machines on a single chip. It also supports the Android Automotive operating system.

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