Patch 12.8 for League of Legends has been released

Patch 12.8 for League of Legends has been released ...

The patch notes for League of Legends are always going to be reviewed, and 12.18 includes some improvements, nerfs, behavioral system changes, and more.

Riot Games has stated that "12.18 is focused on downping some overperforming picks in Pro like Kalista and Lulu, while giving some power to champions just beneath everyone's radar," and that "Ashen Slayer Sylas, Fright Night Annie, Fright Night Draven, Fright Night Nautilus, Fright Night Renata Glasc, Fright Night Urgot, and Worlds 2022 Azir" will be available on September 22, 2022.

Let's get started with a slew of nerfs and buffs.

  • Ashe: bonus attack speed increased
  • Hecarim: AD ratio decreased, damage per stack decreased. W post-mitigation damage heal reduced.
  • Kalista: base health decreased (from 604 to 574)
  • Kayn: Darkin form Q bonus AD scaling decreased.
  • Lee Sin: Health growth increased. W lifesteal and spellvamp increased.
  • Lulu: W bonus movement speed decreased, disable duration decreased, cooldown increased.
  • Maokai: Passive heal decreased. Q bonus damage to monsters increased. E AP scaling decreased.
  • Miss Fortune: Health growth and AD growth decreased.
  • Nocturne: Attack damage growth decreased.
  • Thresh: Health growth increased. E base damage increased.
  • Udyr: Base health decreased, armor growth decreased. Q mana cost decreased, AP scaling increased, first 2 attacks now gain 50 range, Awakened Q now deals additional maximum health damage on first 2 attacks. W percent healing decreased, lifesteal now scales with rank. R base damage decreased, AP scaling decreased, damage to minions adjusted.

There are a few changes to the behavioural systems in other areas: players you have recently honored or who have recently honored you will appear in the suggested party members menu with a symbol next to their summoner name. Now you can play it back with those you’ve already enjoyed!

New Mythic Content, including the announcement that Worlds Clash's "team formation for the first weekend of Worlds Clash will begin on September 26 and the tournaments will begin on October 1 and 2. Along with the trophy, banner, and logo rewards of other Clash tournaments, Worlds Clash also has a loot capsule reward.

A lot of bugfixes and quality of life changes will come in patch 12.18.

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