Multiplayer modes like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIs offer new approaches to play

Multiplayer modes like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIs offer new approaches to play ...

Activision and Infinity Ward's upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is high on the player's list. It certainly has a lot to prove, but Infinity Ward showed its maturity during the recent Call of Duty Next event.

This new title aims to expand your abilities while simultaneously making you more engaged and having a great time. The additional components come in the form of various in-game abilities that enable you to move, attack, and strategize in ways that weren't seen in previous installments.

These new options are equally astounding in nature, retaining the entry barrier relatively low, but masterfully increasing the high-level skill ceiling.

Move as you please.

Modern Warfare II's key word is "choice." There are so many options that you may customize your playstyle and gameplay for every mode. One of them is movement and how it functions in every aspect of the game.

Mantling has evolved so that you may use it in more ways than just climbing obstacles. Now it's possible to hang from ledges where it was previously impossible to jump over or not be able to scale any height at all. This allows you to not only see dangers and survey the area, but also grab a one-handed weapon like a pistol and ward off or even finish off opponents.

The movement toolkit for tactical sprint includes several new options. When it comes to quick escapes, gunfights, and hiding, you are no longer restricted to a slide. Diving allows you to stay in the prone position.

Under the sea, the biggest game-changer happens. With the option of amphibious vehicles also being available, sailing above the water is even more enjoyable, especially in larger maps and higher player count modes like Invasion, where water travel is a constant variable in the grand battle that spans the land, sea, and sky.

The trade has its advantages.

All new deadly, tactical, and special weapons contribute to Modern Warfare II's play, and each adds a new element to the fight in surprising ways.

The shock stick is a tactical item that can be thrown on any surface. It releases a long electric shock that will decelerate anyone approaching it. It also makes them lose control of their weapon.

The drill charge is a deadly explosive device that penetrates walls and explodes on the other side, ruining the visuals or chiar killing innocents in other rooms.

Inflatable Decoy: The inflatable decoy is the cheekiest of all, forming a balloon model soldier that can catch any opponent off guard.

These weapons extend the amount of things you can do in a match, and make room for additional skill in play. While each can be used offensively, they can also be used as scare tactics to repel hostile opponents, or simply trolling enemies and friends.

Keeping it real and balanced

When it came to implementing these new options, Infinity Ward's main goal was to enhance the Call of Duty series by adding more authenticity and immersion.

"These options give the game more replayability," says multiplayer design director Joe Cecot. "If you're a soldier climbing a ladder with a pistol, you'll get that out and arm yourself. That's why we wanted to include things like the ledge hang. We've given players the freedom to do what they want to do rather than being forced to do something."

Making the game as realistic as possible isn't as simple as ensuring that you continue to enjoy the competitive experience. Both Multiplayer Design Directors Cecot and Smith explained how a balance must be maintained.

Cecot stressed that the game should be fluid and smooth. However, the player and weapon must also be supported. It's a constant battle for the team to make it as approachable and skillful as possible.

The multiplayer beta for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will release on October 28. Find out more about it here.

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