PUBG is banned in Afghanistan due to its excessive violence

PUBG is banned in Afghanistan due to its excessive violence ...

PUBG Battlegrounds have been banned by the Afghan Taliban government because they were "too violent" and "too joking youth."

The Taliban has finally moved through with its request to remove PUBG Battlegrounds from the country within the next three months, according to the Khaama Press. The Taliban claims that the game is "too violent" and "misleading youth."

In a meeting with the Afghan Sharia Law Enforcement administration, the Afghan government's Ministry of Telecommunications decided to impose the restriction on the popular social media platform TikTok.

The Afghan government is imposing restrictions on telecommunications companies and internet service providers in the country. Both apps are said to be "wasting the time of the youth."

Afghani games are only following India and Pakistan's footsteps, and both publishers and players have found methods to reintroduce the game to their target market. While players circumvented internet regulations through virtual private networks (VPN) services, the country's legislation will not be the first country to prohibit PUBG.

PUBG was huge in Afghanistan prior to the ban. By 2021, the game had about 100,000 concurrent players at its peak in Afghanistan. We don't doubt that both Tencent and the player base of PUBG in Afghanistan will be able to work around this ban, like anywhere else.

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