Everything We Know About Eilyn Jimenez from Designing Miami

Everything We Know About Eilyn Jimenez from Designing Miami ...

'Designing Miami' is a new Netflix TV show that follows interior designers Eilyn and Ray Jimenez as they try to establish themselves in Miami. Although they are happily married, they operate separate businesses and are each other's direct competitors in the professional arena.

Eilyn Jimenez comes across as someone who is extremely driven in terms of her career. After establishing a design empire all by herself, she seems ready to take on Miami as well as the rest of the world. We therefore decided to investigate everything about her!

Background of Eilyn Jimenez

Eilyn grew up in a warm Cuban-American family, which helped her build a solid connection with her close relatives. Although both her parents were immigrants, life in the United States was initially difficult, the reality star nevertheless fit right in and had a wonderful childhood. She holds her parents responsible for the success she has achieved today.

Eilyn was interested in fashion from a young age as she would constantly remodel the furniture in her living room during her growing years. However, the reality star had no intentions to pursue a design career until she graduated high school at 16 years old.

Eilyn realized that architecture was her true calling in her second year of university. Therefore, she decided to focus more on interior design rather than exterior design.

Eilyn Jimenez's Profession

Eilyn studied architecture but soon realized that interior design was what she was really passionate about. Hence, determined to turn her passion into a career, Eilyn graduated from university and established her interior design company, Sire Designs, in 2007. From the beginning, the reality sensation has built her company on the foundations of excellence and perfection, and today, Sire Designs is one of Miami's most sought-after interior design companies.

Eilyn has at least three designers and one architectural drafter working under her. Moreover, although she has made a name for herself in and around Miami, she stated that she has no intentions of dwindling as she strives to be one of the top interior designers in the world.

Eilyn also works as an interior designer for the Boys Cottage at Kid Sanctuary Campus, a Palm Beach County-based charity that shelters homeless children.

Eilyn Jimenez's Husband

Eilyn Jimenez is married to Raymond "Ray" Nicolas Jimenez, and the two seem to be enjoying a good life. The former is also an interior designer, and at the time of filming, was contemplating establishing his own separate business. Despite the fact, the two are ecstatic when they celebrate their second marriage anniversary in October 2021.

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