Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown includes Gratiela Brancusi and Lane Garrison

Season 2 of Mayor of Kingstown includes Gratiela Brancusi and Lane Garrison ...

Mayor of Kingstown, which ran for a second season last year, is returning soon for a second season. Along with this new cast

The cast of the first season includes Jeremy Renner, Dianne Wiest, and Hugh Dillan, according to Deadline's exclusive report. Mayor of Kingstown will add Gratiela Brancusi and Lane Garrison to its already strong roster.

The mayor of Kingstown focuses on the McCluskey family, a group of power brokers based in Kingstown, Michigan, where incarceration is the only lucrative industry in sight.

The family, which includes Renner's Mike, must deal with systemic racism, inequality, and, most importantly, corruption.

Mike leads the McCluskeys as they strive to bring peace, justice, and order to a place without one.

The story of the mayor of Kingstown serves as a powerful reminder that today's prison systems remain corrupt and racist at their core, no matter where you are.

Brancusi will be joining the cast as a hostess by the name of Tatiana at the Cheetah Nightclub, according to Yahoo.

Taylor Sheridan's presence in the Paramount+ film 1883 isn't the first for the actor. Brancusi played Noemi on that show.

Tatiana will not be able to announce how significant a role she will play as Mayor of Kingstown, but being a woman in a man's world will certainly bring its own problems.

Lane Garrison is another Sheridan transplant from his previous successful show, Yellowstone, in which Garrison played Ray.

Garrison will play Carney, a former Mike's employee and a top-ranking guard in Kingstown's mayor.

Carney will be interesting to see if he will serve Mike as a perfect companion to his mindset and mission, or as a foil against him.

Season 2's release date has not been announced yet, but it is currently in development.

Season 1 of Mayor of Kingstown is now available on Paramount+.

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