The release date for Lightning Degree Chapter 132: Fall Of Cheons is set!

The release date for Lightning Degree Chapter 132: Fall Of Cheons is set! ...

The plot of Lightning Degree Chapter 132 isn't that promising. There were theories that Rin might recall everything from her childhood memories. However, nothing happened, and Rin saw a fake story from Ryuyeon's song in the arena.

Cheon may be the last opponent to lose his life in the next chapter. Ryuyron has sent a message to Ryuyeon with a song. He must remove Cheon as soon as possible and attend Rin's meeting. Moreover, she might not get to him if Ryuyeon loses this chance as well!

Will Cheon Surrender in Lightning Degree Chapter 132?

Cheon's chances in Lightning Degree Chapter 132 are most probable. The fact supporting this assertion is that Cheon was unable to fight even when Ryuyeon was not launching any physical assault. Moreover, things might go bad for Cheon if Ryuyeon decides to assault Cheon in the next chapter of the manhwa.

Ryuyeon may also get the opportunity to meet Rin in the next chapter of the manhwa. He must figure things out with Rin and inform her of the truth. However, there is not a single way right now that can bring Rin back to her love Ryuyeon. There must also be a method to remember those past life events again.

Quick Recap!

Rin became lost in the memories of YeonBi when she listened to Ryuyeon's song. YeonBi used to sing that song for Rin, but she could not hear it all.

Rin assumed that Ryuyeon was the disciple of YeonBi, but she did not realize that the story was different. Cheon was frustrated and was vomiting blood as a result of Ryuyeon's Sound arts. However, Cheon must finish him quickly.

Release Date for Lightning Degree Chapter 132

The latest chapters of Lightning Degree will be available on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage on September 23, 2022.

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