What Is The Lords' Plan in Nano Machine Chapter 123? Release Date, and More!

What Is The Lords' Plan in Nano Machine Chapter 123? Release Date, and More! ...

Cheon Yeo Woon will not be able to do anything without the help of the previous chapters. The situation has become worse since the Lord has learned of the death of the second elder, Kyung Bon-Gi. The Grand Guardian, Crown Prince, and Yin Moha have all joined together in the killing of the second elder.

The next chapter might involve the Heavenly Demon Clan. At the conclusion of the previous chapter, a group of soldiers stood in front of the Clan's main gate. The Lord appears to be planning to face the Crown Prince as soon as possible. He did not receive the opportunity because he did not have any evidence against him. However, the possibility of a conviction appears to be high in the next chapter!

What's Going To Happen Next In Nano Machine Chapter 123?

The next chapter will reveal the Heavenly Demon Lord's hidden strategy. In the previous chapter, he ordered his commander Paheon. Moreover, he kept an eye on the Crown Prince. That's why he is gathering a large army near the Clan's entrance. However, it isn't clear yet why he is doing so.

The Grand Guardian remains alive and well. Cheon Yeo-Woon has been transferred to other parts of the empire by the Lord. This will be the finest strategy against a team player like Crown Prince.

The Previous Chapter's Recap!

The 122nd chapter of Nano Machine began with an exchange between Elder Guardian Markyum and Crown Prince. The Crown Prince became aware that The Great Lord must have known about the Six Blade Gods Clan ten years ago. Crown Prince and elder Guardian then dumped the second elder at the height of the conflict.

However, the Lord in the Demonic Clan HQ had already suspected Cheon, Yin, and the Elder Guardian from the start. Moreover, something seemed strange as soon as Crown Prince entered the place. Elder Guadian gave such an explanation for the death of the Kyung that Cheon was not present in any part of that. However, the Lord has other plans, and he ate the parasite that Elder Guardian gave him.

Release Date for Nano Machine Chapter 123

Nano Machine Chapter 123 will be released on September 23, 2022. The manhwa is going through a rough patch as the Lord intends to finish the crown prince as quickly as possible. Moreover, his subordinate appears to be the most knowledgeable in this context. They will be available to read in the upcoming chapters of the manhwa on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage.

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