The Recovery Of Seo Jiwoo! Release Date and More! Eleceed Chapter 212: The Recovery Of Seo Jiwoo!

The Recovery Of Seo Jiwoo! Release Date and More! Eleceed Chapter 212: The Recovery Of Seo Jiwoo! ...

The last chapter of Eleceed Chapter 212 was so pumped that it filled the fans' hearts with joy. Kayden Break and Kartein came in front of everyone to eliminate the Frame fighters. Even the Frame fighters could not contain themselves from screaming with fear in front of him.

The next chapter may see Kayden's apprentice recovered. Moreover, Kayden appears not to be willing to give up any of the world's Frame fighters. However, Seo Jiwoo might be interrogated about his connection with Kayden. The former student did not inform the Academy's official staff of this issue.

What Will Happen Next in Eleceed Chapter 212?

Eleceed Chapter 212 is a placeholder episode as it will end the incidents. The previous chapter ended with the complete vanish of the Frame fighters. However, the Principal of the Academy will certainly interfere with the Academy's methods from Kayden. Moreover, Kayden is a rogue awakened, so he cannot interact with the rookies under any circumstance.

Kyden's life-saving strategies may save him from being imprisoned in the Academy. However, Seo Jiwoo's recovery is the most critical part of the next chapter. All of the attacks were powerful enough to spit blood out of Jiwoo's mouth.

What Was Happened In The Previous Chapter?

Kayden's 211th chapter of Eleceed begins with an attack on the World Ranker. Everyone was wondering why Kayden Break was there. However, the leader of the Frame fighters appeared and stated that he would not have touched Jiwoo. But they did not know that he was Kayden's apprentice.

Kayden planned to kill the World Ranker, but the Frame leader suggested that Kayde make them enemies. However, Kayden was not in the mood to spare him, and killed the World Ranker on the spot. However, the story was not over yet. Mr. Kartein formed the protection layer, and Kayden launched the final assault to finish every Frame fighter and accomplice in the arena.

Release Dates for Eleceed Chapter 212

Eleceed Chapter 212 will be available on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakopage on September 23, 2022. The manhwa is growing much popular due to its amazing action pictures. It's possible that manhwa will soon receive an anime adaptation in the future due to its fantastic visuals.

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