Where Is The Greatest Warrior in Dragon Ball Chapter 88? Release Date and More!

Where Is The Greatest Warrior in Dragon Ball Chapter 88? Release Date and More! ...

The battle between Freez and the greatest warrior might be featured in Dragon Ball Chapter 88. The previous chapter was packed with action and drama. Gas was revived when Goku and Vegeta realized that the war was over. He killed Minaito because he did not have much time left. However, Freeza appeared on the scene and killed Gas in an instant. Moreover, the mystery of the greatest warrior remains unsolved.

The next chapter of the manga will reveal the Greatest Warriors. Whis has speculated that the Greatest Warriors might have been created in any other part of the universe. However, Freeza may be the greatest warrior. In both of the cases, Goku and Vegeta must train hard to surpass that warrior and become stronger.

Where Is The Greatest Warrior in Dragon Ball Chapter 88?

Freeza isn't the greatest warrior that Whis mentioned in the previous chapter, but he's likely to find him in Dragon Ball Chapter 88. So it appears that Freeza has discovered the Greatest warrior's location and is about to kill him.

Goku and Vegeta will have to train hard to defeat Freeza on the other hand. Its power is so great that it defeated Gas in just a single blow. In the next chapter, there are also chances that Goku and Vegeta will develop a new form.

What Was Covered In The Previous Chapter?

Gas came back when Minaito was healing Granolah and Goku. However, he killed Minaito and launched attacks on Goku and Vegeta. Suddenly, elec revealed that Gas would die soon, so he must finish Goku and Vegeta as soon as possible. But then Freeza arrived on the scene. He killed Elec as well for plotting against him.

Freeza revealed that he had been training in a chamber of spirit and time for ten years. However, he just flew away after demonstrating his abilities as the Black Freeza. Whis arrived on the scene following Freeza's departure and revived Minaito. Moreover, Goku and Vegeta went with Whis to planet Beerus.

Release Dates for Dragon Ball Chapter 88

The next chapter of Dragon Ball Chapter 88 will be published on October 19, 2022. Fans are always interested in learning more about the next chapters of the legendary manga. The latest chapters will be available to read for free on Viz Media's official page.

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