Trailer and Key Visual Revealed for Romantic Killer Anime! Release Date and More!

Trailer and Key Visual Revealed for Romantic Killer Anime! Release Date and More! ...

On Tuesday, the Romantic Killer Anime received several revelations about the teaser and the main visual. The videos and social media platforms that were used by the studio DOMERICA were all released. The anime will be available soon on the streaming service Netflix. But here's all you need to know about the source manga of the anime before moving any further!

Wataru Momose is the author and illustrator of the titular manga. Shueisha got the rights to publish the manga on its online website Shonen Jump+. The manga received the digital serialization that began on July 30, 2019. Moreover, Viz media is responsible for the distribution of manga in English. It ran for a period of about one year!

Trailer and Key Visual Out for Romantic Killer Anime!

The video for the Netflix series Romantic Killer Anime was unveiled on the company's official Twitter account. Among the new cast members were Anzu, Tsukasa, Hijiri, and JUnta.

The remaining newcomers are Gakuto, Natsuki, Kenjiro, Manaka, and Hiro. The anime's teaser described the anime's plot in a two-minute long teaser. Nevertheless, there are still a few moments of some interesting guys that Anzu will encounter in the anime. Will she fall in love and make Riri proud?

What Is The Anime About?

Anzu, a peaceful high school girl, is a minimalist. She only need cats, chocolates, and games every day. One day, Riri discovers herself. Moreover, she decides to involve Anzu in something that she actually hates. This hateful thing for Anzu is love. But Riri is adamant about involving Anzu in the hot and beautiful guys.

So Riri creates love traps for Anzu in order to entice her to fall in love. However, Anzu must leave chocolates, cats, and games to engage in romance. She will burn every desire for romance in herself in order to remain peaceful. However, Riri is luring her into the trap. What will she do to escape the trap?

Release Date for Romantic Killer Anime

The Romantic Killer Anime will be released on October 27, 2022. The fans are eagerly anticipating the anime's release. However, there is still a month left until it is available on Netflix's OTT platform!

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