The USC Majorette Team has sparked debate about HBCU culture atPWIs

The USC Majorette Team has sparked debate about HBCU culture atPWIs ...

According to Newsone, an eight-second video showed a dance team from the University of Southern California doing a dance routine in a prominent white college this past weekend.

Princess Lang, a young lady, wrote on Twitter, "Oh no, we played our first game." i truly believe i'm blessed and can't thank God enough. Thank you to my parents and to everyone who supported me along this long journey. and my girls FYE The Cardinal Divas of SC are UP NEXT."

The video and tweet quickly sparked a debate about white college dance traditions. Some responded to the clip, arguing that Princess should have taken part in an HBCU if she wanted to be a part of a Black college dance group. "This is great and all, but why not just go to an HBCU...," said a Twitter user.

Another user replies on the contrary, stating that since white students attend HBCUs and pledge historically Black fraternities and sororities, Black traditions at PWIs should be accepted.

One user explained why Lang should not refer to her group as a "majorette" team due to the use of the term "Majorettes" to describe this dance-style, which is incorrect, and the proper connotative term is "J-Setting" or "J-Settes" or "Drill Teams," which is a derivative of the Jackson State University 'J-Settes' from when it's named.

The HBCU and PWI debates are not new topics of discussion. In fact, HBCUs were established in the 19th century because "Black students were hostile at existing public and private higher education." Since then, HBCUs have created an undeniable culture that has been emulated by Black students at PWIs and beyond, whether it be Greek life, bands, or other extracurricular activities. Beyoncè has also tapped into the HBCU culture with her Netflix special Homecoming.

Check out the clip from the USC dance team above. What do you think?

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