Erica Banks Doesn't Go Clubbing With Women Who Are Thick Enough

Erica Banks Doesn't Go Clubbing With Women Who Are Thick Enough ...

Erica Banks is well-known for her hot takes and outstanding fashion sense. She often shocks acquaintances with her extravagant moves, such as when she performed a seductive dance for high school students. She recently hid herself from Nicki Minaj, who later blocked her on social media.

Banks loves to clubbing, and she has her own set of rules for who she goes clubbing with. She doesn't like skinny women who dress poorly, and they can't be part of her premium clubbing experience.

During an Instagram Live interview, the rapper talked about her relationship with her club friends, and she is quite strict with them. She excludes anyone who "isn't thin enough" or "slim enough."

The Flow Queen is being criticized for her heated opinions on Twitter. After a fan asked her to humble herself by stating that she was like them too before she became famous, she made a remarkable comeback. She also explained her position in a series of tweets as a reaction to the outcry.

Banks has enraged a lot of people with her strict clubbing criteria. She stated later that she loves skinny women as well. However, her clubbing style does not match them. Regardless, this is no different from her other hot takes, as fans get divided in those instances.

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