Nvidia Omniverse ACE allows for fast deployment of metaverse avatars

Nvidia Omniverse ACE allows for fast deployment of metaverse avatars ...

Nvidia has launched the Avatar Cloud Engine to facilitate the creation and deployment of interactive avatars for Omniverse and metaverse applications.

At the GTC keynote event, Nvidia showcased Violet, an intelligent customer service assistant that will take your order. It should be able to understand and communicate with people, and ACE has the tools to do things such as lip-syncing.

In the GTC 2022 keynote lecture, emerging metaverse applications like avatars will perform computer vision, speech AI, language understanding, and computer graphics in real time and at cloud scale.

Maxine is a German actress.

Nvidia also demonstrated Maxine, the most recent demonstration of real-time audio and video communications. Whether for a video conference, a phone call to a customer service center, or a live stream, Maxine allows clear communication to enhance virtual interactions.

NVIDIA Maxine is a suite of GPU-accelerated AI software development tools (SDKs) and cloud-native microservices for deploying optimized and accelerated AI capabilities that enhance audio, video, and augmented reality (AR) effects in real time.

Violet is a cloud-based avatar that represents the latest evolution in avatar development through the Omniverse ACE technology, a suite of cloud-native AI microservices that make it easier to build and deploy intelligent virtual assistants and digital humans at scale.

Avatars are virtual characters that will appear in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One.

Developers must ensure that the 3D character can see, hear, understand, and communicate with people. However, bringing these avatars to life can be challenging, as traditional methods typically require expensive equipment, specialist expertise, and labor-intensive workflows.

The Violet demonstration illustrates how Omniverse ACE speeds avatar development, providing all the AI building blocks required to create, customize, and deploy interactive avatars. Whether it's taking restaurant orders or answering questions about the universe, these AI assistants are readily customizable for virtually any industry, and can help organizations improve existing workflows and open new business opportunities.

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