Kyndryl Unveils Kyndryl Bridge Platform to Orchestrate Enterprise Technology

Kyndryl Unveils Kyndryl Bridge Platform to Orchestrate Enterprise Technology ...

Kyndryl has launched a free integration platform that allows IT managers of businesses to see how their systems are doing at a glance and in real time, as well as the ability to customize mission-critical operations to suit their needs and those of the company. Kyndryl Bridge is a web application that allows businesses to leverage existing technologies.

With their capabilities, this platform is capable of integrating and connecting management tools and business processes, with the intention, among other things, of reducing the number of business incidents per server per month.

Kyndryl Bridge is a software development environment that focuses on options and ease of use, enabling Kyndryl and its partners to offer a wide range of turnkey industrial-scale solutions. Information can be obtained in real time to avoid interruptions and anticipate future needs and costs.

Martin Schroeter, Kyndryl's President and CEO, says the Kyndryl Bridge will be a means for our customers, together with Kyndryl, to better fulfill their mission-critical infrastructure and digital transformation journey. The Kyndryl Bridge is integral to the company's long-term strategic mission to expand our ecosystem of alliances, using tools and IP to build a robust delivery system. ultimately, to increase our experience and focus to better serve customers in a scalable manner.

Antoine Shagouri and Kyndryl CTO have stressed that "pEnabling company managers to focus less on managing IT systems allows them to concentrate more on developing and supporting digital business strategies," while freeing up IT resources for other tasks of greater strategic value. "Penancing is a smart contract that allows businesses to leverage their resources more efficiently and effectively."

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