The Division's Resurgence Pre-Registration Has Begun

The Division's Resurgence Pre-Registration Has Begun ...

Ubisoft intends to branch out one of its most popular franchises to mobile gaming platforms a while back, according to a report, which shows the studio is finally one step closer to introducing its "Division" franchise to mobile gamers everywhere, with pre-registration for The Division: Resurgence now open to interested users.

Although no official launch date has been released yet for the game, you may go over to the Google Play Store to sign up for the pre-registration process (which is now available for iOS as well), as well. Furthermore, there's also news that Rainbow Six – another Ubisoft IP – will soon be available for smartphones.

As mobile devices gain in terms of specs and processing power, more and more studios are bringing over popular PC and console titles in more portable formats, developed specifically for portable online play. Competitive online games like “Call of Duty,” “League of Legends,” and even more casual games like “Mario Kart” have all made their debut on mobile gaming platforms, with more on the way.

Players who are looking forward to getting their hands on The Division should keep an eye on future announcements.

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