Kanye West is required to have $15K and ANDA to enroll in Donda Academy

Kanye West is required to have $15K and ANDA to enroll in Donda Academy ...

Before your child can go to his coming-of-age Donda Academy school, Kanye West has a few requirements. Not only will Ye' charge parents $15,000 per year for tuition, but also a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) must be signed.

Following a statement from the wealthy developer about never reading a book in his life, reports of the California Christian private school have begun to raise eyebrows. According to a Rolling Stone article, the academy "upholds a level of secrecy that is cemented by those who choose to attend."

The school is currently unaccredited, and its curriculum will include finance, NBA players' comments, direct access to Kanye and his industry connections, a school's choir (which will participate in West's Sunday Service), as well as fashion and other creative interests. Malik Yusef, a producer and longtime collaborator with West, says he helped shape the school's concept.

“I want to be clear that there has never been a time when Kanye West did not want to do this,” Yusef said. “People are unaware of this. This guy always wanted to create a school in his mama's name.... Look at what we're doing in school, and how we're presenting it.... I don't believe there is a venture capitalist or anyone who has ever had a vision this clear on what education can be.

According to the California Department of Education, the Donda Academy opened its doors to around 100 students in late August. Parents wore all-black uniforms to commemorate their children's first day.

Yusef explained that some of Kanye's collaborators, musicians, and other famous figures are represented in the Donda school. However, some people may be surprised by the level of secrecy it takes to conduct the school.

"People choose to send their children to Donda Academy because of a sense of privacy. A sense of belonging, a sense of joy, a sense of prosperity, an environment of growth, and the focus on God." Tamar Andrews, a Donda consultant, confirmed that parents were required to sign an "informal agreement" of some sort when asked about enrollment requirements.

Andrews said he doesn't care if people know about the school. "They're looking for a good Christian school in that area and they know that we're there." "I don't know that we have to advertise," which is a blessing and a curse."

Donda Academy is a private school founded by Kanye, with a total of 100 students and 16 full-time teachers. However, there are still applications to work at the academy. Many of the students have also received financial assistance or scholarships backed by Kanye's personal network.

To be accredited by WASC, the school must have a top administrative officer who is qualified for the position as well as qualified instructional staff, according to Andrews. The deciding visit will take place in spring 2023.

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