Adam Levine Responds To Cheating Accuses

Adam Levine Responds To Cheating Accuses ...

Adam Levine has rarely received bad media coverage, but when he does, it has a significant impact on his popularity. This was the case when an Instagram model accused Levine of cheating on his wife in a TikTok video. Now, Adam Levine replies that he had no affair with the Instagram model, but he 'crossed the line.'

Adam Levine, an Instagram model who claimed she was duped into a year-long intimate connection with him, is livid, according to TMZ, despite the fact that he has "crossed the line."

Adam's wife, Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, revealed everything on TikTok Monday morning.

Sumner claims to have been duped into having an affair with the musician when she was young and naive, and that she now feels exploited. She allegedly displayed photographs of him messaging her after months of radio silence.

Adam and Behati have been married since 2012; they briefly separated in May 2013, but announced their engagement a few months later. They married the following year and have two children, Dusty Rose, 5-year-old, and Gio Grace, 4-year-old.

Adam has been popular on Twitter, while others suspect Sumner of scheming.

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