Early Access to Satisfactory Update 6 is now available

Early Access to Satisfactory Update 6 is now available ...

Saying that Satisfactory update 6 has been a long time coming is an understatement, but you may still enjoy it right now if you use Steam's early access link or Epic Games Store.

Satisfactory Update 6 focuses on "world exploration and combat, bringing players four body equipment slots and plenty of ammunition to the world, as well as a new Map Marker system with the Map unlockable from Tier One, and a special new boombox with music tapes to discover and play in-game".

Coffee Stain Studios has also stated that "Update 6 is a fantastic step towards 1.0," which is great, revealing a long list of new features to the game:

In Update 6, players will be given a new weapons experience, including a deadly, shrapnel-launching Shatter Rebar, a new Nobelisk Cluster that sets off multiple explosions across a large area. On top of this, players may mix and match their body equipment.

Update 6 has a new Boombox, which is now available in the game, that allows FICSIT Inc. employees to enjoy the highest hits, as well as items available for purchase in the Awesome Shop.

In a non-negotiable secondary feature, those who wish to exorcise unwanted visitors may use the Turbo Bass feature to engulf unhappy visitors.

The entire world will undergo significant changes as well, with the addition of the entirely new Spire Coast. This is difficult terrain, with tropical cliff sides, islands, and coral reefs standing in the way of valuable oil node resources. The sky features new dynamic clouds and planets to see in the distant horizons, alongside evening changes that showcase far off stars, nebulas, and a spiral galaxy.

The Map has been upgraded in Tier 1 and includes a new Map Marker system. Markers will replace beacons, and stamps are now available to mark points of interest. The Radar Tower has also been upgraded, highlighting Resource locations and exploration opportunities across the world.

The creature AI system sees improvements across the board, including changes to behavior. Alongside this, the Spitter range has expanded to encompass a total of six Spitters, one large and one small for the Desert, Tropical, and Forest biomes. Additional behavioural improvements have been made to these Spitters, with larger versions equipped with new attacks.

Update 6 includes improvements to the MAM, including new research trees and layouts for the basic Turbo Fuel, Compacted Coal, and Polyester Fabric Alternative Recipes. Additionally, new items for Pioneer research include Alien Protein, the new Smokeless Powder.

Satisfactory is now available for Epic Games Store and Steam in early access.

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