What Has Happened to Eduardo Hernandez? Where Has Juan Balderas Been?

What Has Happened to Eduardo Hernandez? Where Has Juan Balderas Been? ...

'Deadly Injustice: The Case of Juan Balderas' is a documentary on the legal process surrounding the murder of Eduardo Hernandez.

What Caused Eduardo Hernandez's Death?

Eduardo Hernandez was a freshman at Hastings High School in Houston when the incident occurred. The gang's Barrio Tres Alief was a regional subset of the La Tercera Crips gang. According to sources, Eduardo was a 16-year-old who was involved with the gang.

Eduardo was asleep at a friend's house on December 6, 2005 when someone shot a.40-caliber pistol through the door before entering. Eduardo was shot at least nine times in the head and back before the gunman fled. All of the others were unharmed.

Eduardo Hernandez was killed by who?

Juan Balderas introduced Eduardo to the gang in 2004. He was 19 years old when the car was stolen the previous day, and when Eduardo was apprehended, he told the authorities that he had loaned it to Israel Diaz. This sparked some misunderstanding between Eduardo and the group. He began to withdraw from the LTC and try to live his life.

Eduardo started hanging out with Karen, Wendy, and Edgar Ferrufino, who was Wendy's boyfriend. In the following months, LTC gang members learned of stories about Eduardo meeting other gang members and flashing rival gang signs, causing them to get enraged.

Since Juan introduced Eduardo to the group, everyone believed the murder would be handed down. On December 6, Eduardo and Karen were at Durjan's apartment with Edgar and Durjan's cousin. As the gunman entered, Durjan and his cousin hid in the bedroom, and Edgar found a new spot to hide. Wendy froze and remembered seeing the gunman wearing khaki pants and a black hoodie.

Wendy claimed to know the shooter but she didn't recognize him. A few days later, the authorities received a tip concerning Juan being the shooter and sent him a photo lineup. It was believed that Juan's photo was appropriate because it showed him wearing a black hoodie. However, according to court filings, the authorities pressured Wendy to select a suspect.

Juan and another gang member were arrested on December 16, 2005, and at the time, they had many firearms in their possession, one of which was the murder weapon. Later, Israel claimed that Juan confessed to the murder the very night it occurred. However, his story changed several times during the investigation, and he later claimed that the authorities coerced him into confessing against Juan.

What is the age of Juan Balderas today?

Juan Balderas was arrested in December 2005, and his case had to go through an extensive review process. Many witnesses could not remember what happened, and many others placed him in a different location around the time.

Juan, then 27, was convicted of capital murder in March 2014, and was sentenced to death. His relatives claim that the prosecutor's office kept evidence throughout the trial that would have shown him to be innocent. Lastly, there was no evidence linking him to the murder.

Juan Balderas' family and supporters have begun a renewed effort to exonerate him in March 2022. "This injustice began in 2005, seventeen years ago,." said his wife, Yancy. While his loved ones have continued to fight hard for Juan's release, he remains on death row.

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