Kanye West Exaggerates More Accusations About Stolen Fashion Designs

Kanye West Exaggerates More Accusations About Stolen Fashion Designs ...

Kanye is a juggernaut who loves to be in the limelight at all times. Fans must have heard about Adidas's breach of contract with Kanye. Now, Kanye West has declared war on Adidas after terminating his contract with the Gap.

Kanye West has pledged his war on adidas following the termination of his contract with Gap last week. On Monday, September 19, Ye took to Instagram with a caption to criticize Adidas Originals' senior vice president and worldwide general manager Torben Schumacher, for allegedly taking his designs and halting future business plans.

Kanye West addressed his problems with Adidas in a separate post, while also expressing his gratitude to Harold's Chicken Shack in Chicago for their support.

Ye mocked former G.O.D. Music musicians Kid Cudi and John Legend, stating, "HAROLDS ARE REALER THAN JOHN LEGEND AND CUDI." Kanye West wrote a court letter over the weekend detailing the restrictions Adidas and Gap have apparently placed on him and his Yeezy company.

“Welp, I guess the conflict isn't over,” Ye wrote in the caption. Kanye West has stated that “it's time for me to go it alone” with his Adidas and Gap contracts. He spoke with Bloomberg and talked about his company.

Ye's contract with Adidas is expected to expire in 2026. Let's see which move Kanye takes as a result of this breach. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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