Andrew Madden and Karen Clowers Have Passed Over the Ruth Ann Madden Murder?

Andrew Madden and Karen Clowers Have Passed Over the Ruth Ann Madden Murder? ...

The authorities in Lincoln County, Missouri, rushed to a parking lot one day in August 2002 when they discovered a dead body. The police later determined that the motive was personal. Discovery's 'Home Health Homicide' investigates the circumstances leading up to Ruth's death and how the authorities were led to another woman he was having an affair with.

What Happened to Ruth Ann Madden's Death?

Ruth Ann Scott was born in December 1945 in Missouri. Andrew Madden, a Vietnam War veteran, had known her brother before. They eventually settled in Eolia, Missouri, and everything seemed to be going well. However, his health became worse over time, and the couple eventually hired a home health care worker.

A 911 call led the authorities to a parking lot in Silex, Missouri, where Ruth, 56, was found lying on her back in a pool of blood just feet from her still-running vehicle. It appeared that she had been in a fight before being shot on the right side of her head once. It was clear that robbery was not a motive because Ruth's purse and the car were left behind. Also discovered at the scene were cigarette butts and a clump of hair in Ruth's

Ruth Ann Madden was murdered.

In June 2001, the Maddens hired Karen Clowers as their health care assistant, allowing Ruth to focus on her work. Over time, she became friends with the couple, and the three often stayed together after her shift ended.

Andrew believed that Ruth was having an affair, and in time, he began to have an affair with Karen. Witnesses from the crime scene remember seeing a car leaving the parking lot in haste, and the police later discovered that Karen had the same vehicle. A search revealed the same cigarettes as the butts found at the crime scene.

Karen said she was pointing the finger at her son-in-law, John Lewis, in a police interview. He said he could think of a way to get Ruth out of the picture. Later, he later assured her that her automobile was taken from her.

When John was asked about Karen's offer, he stated that he never planned to give up on the $5000 to kill Ruth. In the end, John was there and instructed Ruth how to operate the handgun on the day of the incident. Ruth claimed that John was supposed to shoot, but he opted out at the last minute.

Andrew lured Ruth to a parking lot under the pretense of car problems. He indicated a conflict between her and Karen before the latter pulled the trigger and killed Ruth. When Andrew was questioned, he claimed that Karen called him immediately after the incident.

What Happened to Andrew Madden and Karen Clowers today?

John was sentenced to a 15-year prison for conspiracy to murder in November 2003. As a result, Andrew was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He is now serving 72 years in prison at the Jefferson City Correctional Center in Cole County, Missouri. According to the show, Andrew will be eligible for parole in 2023.

Karen was sentenced to life in prison in December 2003. However, two days into the proceedings, she pleaded guilty to murder in the second degree. According to the show, she remained obsessed with Andrew till she died in 2011 while still in prison.

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