Pearl and Stinger will undergo significant changes as part of Valorant patch 5.06

Pearl and Stinger will undergo significant changes as part of Valorant patch 5.06 ...

Pearl, the underwater map, and improvements to the Stinger weapon are all set to be shaken up in Valorant Patch 5.06.

The Stinger is getting changes to the primary and alt-fire. Primary Fire error increased from 1.6 error after 7 bullets >>> 1.3 error after 6 bullets, which Riot says is necessary in order for the Stinger to "feel controllable and appropriately deadly at short ranges, but currently, even in close quarters, it can feel out-of-control."

The alt-fire first shot error is being reduced from.5 >>>.35, according to a new angle, because the first shot appeared to have more variance than we'd like, especially at ranges where you'd want to use the burst fire mode.

Riot claims there are a "handful of minor tweaks" that aim to lessen the amount of complexity and make it simpler for both attackers and defenders to move through a few areas on the Pearl map.

A lot of these appear to be similar to how CS:GO updates the maps, with things like the B Main having a lower waist-high wall on the left side, so that it can no longer hide everyone.

The Mid Shops area of Pearl has been improved with an extended platform, which is aiming to make pushing this area easier. One of the corners has been removed, making walking through it easier. There are also social improvements that show who has been disruptive in terms of gameplay: this has been added to unrated, competitive, spike rush, and replication game modes.

Suggestions for bug fixes are the following:


  • Fixed issue with KAY/O’s Zero/point sometimes incorrectly displaying enemies that were hit on KAY/O’s UI

Social studies are a must-have.

  • Fixed a bug where Clutch Mutes would persist after the match ended
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to respond to a whisper by clicking on the Riot ID of the player who sent the whisper in Chat
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Social Panel to close when right-clicking into the Friend Note text field
  • Fixed a bug where pending invites would not disappear after all friends have left the Party
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect system message was sent when accepting a friend request via the Match Tab in-game

5.06 is now available on PC.

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