Industry Season 2 Episode 8 Recap; [Season Finale] Ending Explained

Industry Season 2 Episode 8 Recap; [Season Finale] Ending Explained ...

Harper crossed a very unjustified line in the second season of HBO's looming financial drama "Industry." Yasmin's life was jeopardized by some crucial conversations with Celeste and her father as she tried to avoid Bloom's own wheeling and dealing. One of the most shocking incidents occurred on the final day of the season.

Recap of Season 2 Episode 8 of "Industry"

When Harper asks about the next move, Eric, Rishi, and Danny reply, refusing to return to New York. To be fair, Harper and Eric both appear to be dissatisfied with their decision.

Harper asks Gus about his knowledge of the NHS relationships. FastAid is the underdog in Jesse's wager. She needs to give him any advantage she can because he is short. She wonders whether Aurore is interested in Rican. Gus loses his concentration and shouts, "Amazon is authorized to acquire FastAide, which effectively secures them the NHS contracts!"

As the defeat begins to sink in, Eric texts Harper to buy as many Rican shares as she can, while Jesse discusses the British government's investigation into Amazon's acquisition of FastAide.

Harper scuffles to the ground and convinces Rishi to buy as many Rican shares as he can, which helps because they are more likely to steal money from her in this Bloom transaction. She must decide whether or not she will give up immediately and cut Jesse off at the source of her professional success.

Harper admits she is in trouble. She tells Eric that she had informed him that the anti-competition investigation was no longer in place. Gus is still out while she considers a promotion. He concludes that politics isn't for him after all.

Yasmin cosplays as an adult and tells Celeste she doesn't want to work with her father. Celeste responds with a tearful sigh and invites Yasmin to her father's party. She tells Yasmin that her father's wealth is enough to support her. She visits Rob's house.

Yasmin wears two-day-old outfits to Rishi's wedding and sits next to Harper. The women express their first heart-to-heart during the season. Venetia goes to brunch to apologise for her actions, but then eats and goes quickly. Yasmin has no personal funds. She has relied solely on her father's financial resources until this point.

After Yas asks that he locate some cocaine for her, a tiny bag of powder spills in front of the officer, who then warns Rob that it is sufficient cause for him to lose his job. Nicole dismisses him for coming from a group that responds excessively to someone getting a "bit handsy." However, his removal isn't expected to affect his employment.

Harper returns to work. Despite having sex in a bathroom stall before his wedding, Rishi appears to have escaped the temptation to put him under the bus. Eric places Harper up himself in the elevator. She notices something is wrong and asks Eric not to reveal Jesse's insider trading. Unexpected consequences for Harper Stern.

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