Vic Mensa donates $10K in gas and samples 93 Boyz cannabis lines in Chicago

Vic Mensa donates $10K in gas and samples 93 Boyz cannabis lines in Chicago ...

Vic Mensa returned to his hometown of Chicago to give free gas. Held at a BP station in a Southside neighborhood, the "Down On My Luck" rapper spent more than $10,000 on fuel and offered pre-rolled samples of his own weed strain. According to TMZ, Vic's inaugural cannabis company, 93 Boyz, provided the gas donation and fueled 200 automobiles.

“I don’t know how I’mgonna get gas to take you to work,” said one grateful woman to her granddaughter at the event. “I just want to say thank you, that’s all, okay.” Mensa responded, “93 Boyz got you.”

93 Boyz is the first Black-owned cannabis business in the Windy City, which was founded in August of this year. Mensa expressed his satisfaction in serving his community, especially as gas prices rise. Vic also shared that the 93 Boyz's intention is to always give back to inner-city minorities.

Mensa said in early August that she feels honored to be the first Black-owned cannabis company to launch in the state of Illinois. "At the same time, I recognize that excitement comes with much more work to do culturally."

Mensa explained the brand's purpose in an interview with Block Club Chicago. "We're a premium gas company," he said. "There's no flavor in the Illinois market. There are no cool, like streetwear-akin brands like there are in Los Angeles and other markets."

Consumers may purchase 93 Boyz pre-rolls at Dispensary33 in Andersonville and West Loop Mission Dispensaries in South Chicago, as well as at several other dispensaries across the state.

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