Pharrell is set to host a Norfolk block party with his powerful dream agency

Pharrell is set to host a Norfolk block party with his powerful dream agency ...

Pharrell is planning a block party in Norfolk, Va., according to 13 News Now. He will utilize his new creative agency, Mighty Dream, to organize a three-day conference in the Neon District and ten surrounding areas in November 2022.

In partnership with Edelman and UEG, the event's block party will serve as a first commemoration of the agency's founding.

Dr. Sebrina A. Lindsay-Law, Commune Restaurant's community engagement coordinator, expressed her joy at the coming event.

"Oh, we're super excited!" Dr. Sebrina A. Lindsay-Law, who first worked with Pharrell in 2021 on his "Elephant in the Room" panel that served as the precursor to the Mighty Dream, said the speaker.

Jesse Neece, Commune's events director, talked about the event and how Pharrell, Mighty Dream, and others will join the Norfolk region.

“What we're doing this time around is we're trying to highlight all of these businesses,” Neece said. There are three days, 10 locations, and 15 events that will involve food and beverage.

Mighty Dream has been dubbed a "creative work that addresses the challenges facing communities of color through social action campaigns, product development, and policy change," according to an official press release.

“When someone asks me what motivates me, I always reply, 'That which is missing.’ It’s the clearest path to being an extension of society and finding fresh solutions to real problems,' the founder of the Billionaire Boys Club told Adweek.

Williams will serve as Mighty Dream's co-chair and founder, along with Edelman US CEO Lisa Osborne Ross. TikTok's head of the Creative Lab, Todd Triplett, is set to join the agency as their first employee.

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