What Has Happened to Jerold Dunning, an alleged child abuser?

What Has Happened to Jerold Dunning, an alleged child abuser? ...

When Kym Brown-Hunter started dating Jerold Dunning, he appeared to be a father figure for her daughter, Jaime Brown. However, in the years that followed, allegations of sexual abuse rocked the family. The second half of Investigation Discovery's 'In Pursuit with John Walsh: Evil Deception' examines Jerold Dunning's suspected crimes and what transpired in the aftermath.

Jerold Dunning: Who is he?

Kym Brown-Hunter met Jerold Dunning when she was a student at the time. She and Jaime lived on a boat with her husband during their difficult time, but they split up after a few years. After a few months, Kym and Jaime moved into his house. Back then, Jerold was a private investigator.

Kym received a call from Jaime's school in October 1998. The kid was 12 years old and had accused Jerold of sexually abusing her. Jaime said it all started in June 1996, but then escalated rapidly. While Jaime was ten years old and doing her anatomy homework, Jaime claimed that Jerold took off his shorts and touched her over her clothes. Jaime said he even touched her in the shower.

Jerold was accused of doing the same thing for more than two years. According to the show, one of Jaime's friends was also affected during a sleepover. She claimed that Jerold started tickling her before pulling at her pants and pinning her to the mattress. Jaime was released when Kym learned of the allegations.

Kim agreed to meet with Jerold and was offered her money. However, when the police arrived, Jerold didn't show up and was nowhere to be seen.

What is the age of Jerold Dunning today?

Kym believed that Jerold might be where his mother, Camden, was. She paid his bond and moved to Maryville, Tennessee. He discovered that someone named CJ Dunning had been renting an apartment. Jerold was identified by neighbours and said he was going by his middle name Chester. In 2004, the FBI charged him with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

According to the show, someone notified Jerold because he was long gone when federal agents arrived in Maryville. Since then, the authorities have continued to search for him while he remains a fugitive from the law. Jerold's brother, Kevin, said in 2012 that his brother might be in the US Virgin Islands.

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