Murder of Michael Zammitti Jr. and Chester Roberts: Where are Sean Fitzpatrick and Michele Zammitti now?

Murder of Michael Zammitti Jr. and Chester Roberts: Where are Sean Fitzpatrick and Michele Zammitti  ...

Michael Zammitti Jr., a young father who was shot in his office in Wakefield, Massachusetts, was killed because he was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

'Nightmare Next Door: Death Takes a Toll,' a project developed by Investigation Discovery, chronicles the complex relationships that resulted in the tragic deaths of two people, revealing the age-old motives of jealousy and love. So, let's get down to the facts about the perpetrator?

How Did Michael Zammitti Jr. and Chester Roberts Pass the Death?

Michael A. Zammitti Jr., better known as Mike, was the son of Michael A. and Patricia (LeFave) Zammitti of Wakefield, Massachusetts. As a kid, Mike enjoyed working for his father's large dig contract company. He had acquired a license to drive the big rigs even before he was eligible for a driver's license.

Mike never went to college but had immersed himself in the construction business with Michael Sr. The gentle and non-confrontational Mike met Michele Begin, a soft-faced truck driver. They had three children, Julia L., Maria L., and Michael A. Zammitti, III.

Michael Sr., a 53-year-old man who was shot in the face, was due at their 17-New Salem Street office in Wakefield at 8 am on March 13, 2006.

Both the victims were shot in the back by authorities, while Mike was shot twice in the face. From the nature of the injuries, the investigators determined that Mike was the primary target, and Chester had likely encountered the killer(s) coming down the stairs. He had tried to flee, blaming the bullet wound in his back.

Michael Zammitti Jr. and Chester Roberts died in a car accident.

The Zammittis received a threatening note long ago, and the investigators assumed some competitor might have been the real target, but he was late, and his son was wreaked havoc. Nonetheless, none of the clues turned out to be true, and the police had to focus on Mike's family and friends instead. Patricia led them towards a new suspect, which aided the investigation.

“On one occasion, she had seen her daughter-in-law in an embrace with Sean,” according to one of the investigators. Michele confessed to the affair – with Sean being over most of the time at their house in Freedom and Mike being away most of the time for work.

Sean claimed that his long-time neighbor, Gert Ducharme, saw him at about 9 am on March 13, 2006, thus making it impossible for him to commit the double murders. He also claimed that he had received a telephone call in the morning, which served as his second alibi. However, the police found no evidence that he had spoken with his neighbor.

Gert claimed to have seen Sean between 10 and 10:30, while his cell phone records state that his phone was turned off until 9:45 am, further making him a suspect. One of the cases included a stolen 16-gauge shotgun from Michael Sr.'s house. A green Ford F150 pickup truck with a extended cab was discovered at the crime scene.

Fred Martin was driving a truck that he had been using throughout his time in Florida. The police found a transaction on the morning of the murder. It was confirmed by the investigators that the killer had used this vehicle. Sean was reluctant to assist the cops until he was picked up by the authorities in due process.

Sean, 44, was charged with the double murder in a threat letter from Zammittis. They also took the DNA from a sympathy letter Sean had sent to Michele and found it matched the DNA in Fred's truck.

What is Sean Fitzpatrick's current status?

Sean faced his first trial in August 2008, but it was declared a mistrial after a jury could not reach a unanimous verdict. He was finally found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder by a Middlesex Superior Court jury, and was sentenced to two consecutive life terms without eligibility for parole.

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