Where Are Franklin Gebhardt and William Moore Sr. Now, after the Timothy Coggins murder?

Where Are Franklin Gebhardt and William Moore Sr. Now, after the Timothy Coggins murder? ...

Timothy Coggins planned to spend an evening at a People's Choice bar in Griffin, Georgia. Although he went missing that night, the police took two days to discover his burned body, which was discovered in Sunny Side, Spalding County. The prosecution was able to charge the perpetrators about 34 years after the incident, and we have got you covered!

What Caused Timothy Coggins' Death?

Timothy Coggins was 23 years old when he was murdered and lived with his family in Griffin, Georgia. He was especially close to his mother as well as his seven other siblings. Many who knew Timothy described him as a kindhearted and down-to-earth young man who wanted to help others and pursued his dreams. However, he had no clue that a harmless night in a bar would cost him his life.

Timothy decided to spend the evening at the People's Choice bar in Griffin, Georgia, and was looking forward to a great time. Interestingly, Jesse noticed several white men strewn around the bar while dropping Timothy off. This appeared suspicious, but Jesse had no clue that Timothy would be the last person he saw.

Timothy was discovered dead on October 8, 1983, in the Sunny Side area of Spalding County. According to the podcast, Timothy was tortured and beaten mercilessly before being murdered. A confederate battle flag was also discovered in his abdomen.

Timothy Coggins was murdered by who?

The investigation into Timothy's death proved to be a challenge because the police had no leads or witnesses to draw from. Even Timothy's family and friends were baffled because they had no clue why anyone would harm such a peaceful man. Moreover, all of them turned out to be dead ends, and detectives retreated back to their original methods.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation picked up the case in 2016, and Special Agent Jared Coleman was assigned to investigate the perpetrator.

Franklin Gebhardt and his brother-in-law, William Moore Sr., confessed to killing a black man for the first time, according to the podcast, and the police soon discovered enough evidence to apprehend Franklin and William.

What Have Happened to Franklin Gebhardt and William Moore Sr.?

Franklin was found guilty of several charges when found in court, including malice murder, felony murder, and concealing the death of another. In the same year, Franklin admitted to concealing the death of another as well as voluntary manslaughter, which resulted in him being sentenced to life in prison along with ten additional probation years. William died in October 2021 while visiting the Augusta State Medical Prison in Augusta, Georgia.

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