Updates for Modern Warfare 2: What to Expect So Far

Updates for Modern Warfare 2: What to Expect So Far ...

In a previous article, we discussed Call of Duty's changes. We will discuss just what they're doing with the new Modern Warfare 2 update. Most, if not all, of these changes are for the multiplayer version of Modern Warfare 2.

Emergent gameplay refers to the various changes and enhancements that Infinity Ward is making to the game. This is not just for the gameplay aspects of the game, but in everything that the player will experience. The menu navigation, social features, and new game modes all demonstrate the emergent gameplay that Infinity Ward has developed.

Modern Warfare 2 also allows its players to swim above and beneath the water. For example, rivers will now have currents and rapids, while oceans will have large waves. Water quality is another thing that the game engine can manipulate, making them clear, murky, or have tons of floating debris. Vehicles also affect the water in a meaningful way.

Players do not need vehicles to go in water. Swimming is enough, and it opens up new gameplay possibilities. After all, bullets are now affected by water's density, so that they are no longer flying through it as they would in the air. The same applies to the player's equipment, as explosives and throwables are definitely affected by water.

After adding Tactical Sprint (currently the fastest foot movement option) and Mounting (where players mount their weapons on any surface), Infinity Ward is looking to add even more movement options and shooting strategies.

Sliding and diving are making a comeback in Modern Warfare II. Sliding allows payers to maneuver safely while still allowing them to shoot. This is done when you crouch while sprinting. Diving, on the other hand, requires the player to crouch while in a Tactical Sprint. Diving is a quick way to get to cover but leaves the player vulnerable to attack for a while if they make a mistake.

Players may now also hang from a ledge, including when they encounter a wall with a hangable ledge. If the player wants to shoot from the side of a helicopter, they may do this without having to use a pistol.

While vehicles aren't new to Call of Duty, there are still improvements to the vehicle system. For example, players may now shoot out bumpers, doors, and even the tires of a vehicle to deactivate its effectiveness. Other features include the ability to climb on top of cars and shoot out of the windows of the vehicle.

There are also changes to vehicle types. Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2 share some of the new vehicles, such as Utility Terrain Vehicles and Tactical Vehicles. There are also new aerial vehicles, like the Heavy Chopper, and aquatic vehicles, like the Armored Patrol Boat, that players can try out once the game is released.

The equipment in Call of Duty is equally as essential as the weapons. Field upgrades are grouped into three categories: Tactical equipment and Lethal Equipment. Both are small scale and only affect players if they use them.

  • Tactical Camera (Field Upgrade): throwable cameras that every player on your team can access. They emit a warning sound when enemies are nearby.
  • Shock Stick (Tactical Equipment): can stick onto surfaces and emit electric shocks. These shocks can affect players, equipment, and vehicles. It can even be used in water.
  • Drill Charge (Lethal Equipment): throwable equipment that sticks onto walls, makes a hole, then throws a grenade inside. Useful for enemies hiding inside buildings.
  • DDoS (Field Upgrade): Warns players of equipment and vehicles, and temporarily deactivate them.
  • Inflatable Decoy (Field Upgrade): Throwable dummies that inflate and appear like an actual player. Becomes a proximity mine when activated again.

The Perk Packages are now available. These are divided into two main categories: a base perk, and an Ultimate perk. Players earn the ability to use their points during the match, although scoring points speeds up the process. This includes kills, objective plays, and the like.

The Gunsmith system has been revamped, allowing for a wider customization. Players start off with a base gun and can progress to the next level. Some attachments are platform-specific, so players must take that into account when mixing and matching their perfect weapon. Weapon Vaults are also cosmetically themed.

In the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode, new maps of varying sizes are being introduced. Battle maps are those that handle 32v32 battles. These maps are mostly used for the Ground War mode as well as the new Invasion Mode. Core maps, on the other hand, are those that handle 6v6 matches.

While traditional game modes like Team Deathmatch and Dominations are making a comeback, new ones are also being developed. Knockout involves players fighting for a package found at the center of the map; they may also simply eliminate the enemy team. Prisoner Rescue, on the other hand, requires players to rescue hostages from the other team's spawn.

In this massive Invasion game mode, players must push for ground, making sure that the front line is as forward as possible. This mode allows for a massive scale war unlike anything seen before in Call of Duty multiplayer games.

Modern Warfare 2 will feature more co-op missions that players may undertake with their friends.

Players may now play in third-person mode, which allows for more tactical gameplay. To keep things fair, first-person and third-person players are kept separate. You will only be permitted to play with players who share the same perspective. Such as shoulder swapping, screen pivoting, and aiming down sights

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be released on October 28, 2022, and beta access is ongoing right now. Interested payers may click here to learn more about joining.

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